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Oxygen Mask Integration Cable (Variable Sizes)

Oxygen Mask Integration Cable (Variable Sizes)

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MPOMIC-12 (Oxygen Mask Integration Cable)  12 inch -300mm

NSN No.   5995-99-226-7533

The MPOMIC  - Oxygen Mask Integration Cable allows the end-user to integrate existing communications equipment with various Oxygen Masks and Respirators  that are configured with an in built microphone. The 12 inch Long Version seamlessly integrates with downlead adapter kits that are  retro fitted to standard noise cancelling headsets with rear mounted microphone sockets.  From  High-altitude operations (HALO/HAHO) the lightweight mask adapter allows the operator to combine their existing  headset mic with their oxygen system. Eliminating the need to remove the existing microphone,  It also allows the user to maintain voice communications both with or without the oxygen mask or respirator  in place and  facilitates a swift transition between application without the need to reconfigure microphone set up.. Saving time when time is critical.

The Adapter is completely sealed and rated to IP67 standard making it ideal for both maritime and land-based operations.
Compatible with any system that utilizes a Nexus 2 Pin U172/173  type plug and socket arrangement ( e.g Peltor/OTTO) Including legacy headsets and newer models.

NSN No.   Pending 

Part Number:  MP8009-3




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