Multiplus Ltd are a UK based company who provide cutting edge and innovative technical solutions for military war fighters and tactical operators across the globe. Our unrivalled commitment to the design and manufacture of the most technologically advanced and functional military equipment is wholly centred around the requirements of those who serve and protect us.

The Multiplus Ltd design and development team blends the very best of technical design experience with our own former military personnel who have operated in the world’s most challenging and hostile combat environments. This combined experience is directly focussed on developing the very best equipment to meet the demands of modern warfare and the men and women who fight in both today’s and future conflicts.

Our joint and holistic approach to product development is based on trust and full engagement with end users during every stage of the design process. Multiplus Ltd continually strives to ensure that we deliver equipment that meets and exceeds customers expectation affording them the capability to deploy and operate with full confidence in the equipment that their lives depend on.

Proactively recognising the ever increasing pace of technological advancement, Multiplus Ltd is fully committed to ensuring that we are at the forefront of design and manufacturing capability.

We pride ourselves on having the experience and agility to fully support Urgent Operational Requirements (UOR). From first contact through to conception, design, rapid prototyping, testing and full manufacture. Our proven track record and global reach ensures that our network of technical marketing teams can support Government Operations and OEMs worldwide.

Meeting the demands of todays and future military applications is at the very heart of what we do.

Our full inventory of capabilities also include the ability to achieve third party approvals 
such as IP67 /68 /69, ISO, UN Safety, EMC and CE approvals.