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Body Worn Battery - Lithium Ion Dual Output 7.00AH

Body Worn Battery - Lithium Ion Dual Output 7.00AH

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A High Capacity  Dual Output Lithium Ion Battery for Body worn carriage on plate carrier or other Body armour.

The Battery is a 12 V x 7.00AH Lithium Ion Battery with dual outputs. This allows the user to operate two radios or other soldier system equipment  from the one battery. 

The Radios are connected to the battery via MP Battery Eliminator leads.  

Pouch is designed so the outputs can be at the top of the pouch or at the Bottom. 

Photo shows a Harris 152 Radio in a Pouch connected by the Battery Eliminators. Also fitted with a Covert Antenna that is mounted in the rear of Plate Carrier. 

Capacity: 7.00AH. 

Output: Dual     

Approved to UN38 transport, 

Approved to 20M IP68.  


NSN No: Pending 

Part No: MP8180-1

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